Vivian Pax


Second born of Generation 2, Vivian always closely followed her older sister, Teresa, around and strove to be just like, but as the two get older and as competition for their father’s inheritance became a reality, will they be able to hold onto their bond?

Stuck in the middle between a sister whom she loves and one whom she hates, Vivian’s turn to a criminal lifestyle might be enough to distinguish herself and win over her father’s affections?


Toddler: Silly

Child: Geek – These Sims become Happy when Reading Sci Fi or Playing Video Games, may become Tense if they haven’t played much, are better at finding Collectibles, and can Discuss Geek Things with other Geek Sims.

Teen: Dastardly – Dastardly Sims perform stronger and more successful mean interactions.

Unflirty – These Sims get Tense around Flirty Sims and seldom get Flirty themselves. It’s difficult for them to be Romantic in public.

Adult: Loves the Outdoors – These Sims can Enthuse about Nature to other Sims and become Happy when Outdoors.

Child Aspiration: 

Artistic Prodigy: This Sim dreams of succeeding in the arts! Did Not Complete!

Adult Aspirations: 

Chief of Mischief: This Sim is all about pranks and mayhem!