Teresa Pax


As the first born of Galen and Penny, Teresa got a few blissful years as the apple of her parent’s eye. As a teenage she began to develop a taste for the finer things and her parents gave her everything she wanted.

Teresa is the likely heir to her father’s fortune and Legacy as, being the first-born, she holds a special place in her parent’s eyes. She is the only one of the Pax children that takes the burden of continuing and expanding the Pax Legacy seriously. But as she gets older and waits for her father’s ultimate decision will she be able to hold on and get what she has worked for?


Adult: Childish – These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from watching the Kids Network, become Playful when playing with Children, and become Happy when playing with Children’s toys.

Teen: Outgoing  – These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Friendly socialization, have their Social Need decay quickly, and gain more negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low.

Business Savvy – Business Savvy Sims earn more than the standard rate from their careers.

Child: Goofball – These Sims tend to be Playful.

Happy Toddler – Teresa got a good jump in skills as a toddler. This helps her gain all skills a bit faster.

Toddler: Wild

Child Aspiration: 

Whiz Kid: This Sim wants to be the smartest kid in school! Not Completed! 

Adult Aspirations:

Fabulously Wealthy : This Sim wants to get rich and have a successful career!