Calvin Pizzazz


The only son of Penny Pax (Pizzazz) and Wolfgang Munch from a short-lived love affair, Calvin definitely lives as the outsider in the Pax Legacy. Disqualified from being able to inherit Pax Farm, Calvin is trying to find where he fits in.

Shortly after reaching adulthood, Calvin found out that his own short-lived love affair had resulted in a child. Determined not to desert his own child, Calvin married Haley Behr to raise his child Devonte.

Calvin has been moved out of the Legacy Household and fed to the time stream. 


Romantic: These Sims tend to be Flirty and may become Sad if they don’t have any Romantic social interactions for a period of time.

Outgoing: These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from Friendly socialization, have their Social Need decay quickly, and gain more negative Moodlets when their Social Need is low.

Evil: These Sims become Happy around Sims with negative Moodlets, can Laugh Maniacally and Discuss Evil Plans, and become Angry when interacting with Good Sims.

Muser: Musers get better boosts to their skills when they’re inspired.


Musical Genius: This Sim wants to be an expert musician and songwriter.