Galen Pax


When Galen was only a young teen, he lost both his mother and father but in drastically different ways. Shortly after starting high school, Galen’s mother was diagnosed with a severe case of lymphoma and given months to live. After receiving the news she started treatment, but the treatment did not work. Shortly before he death Galen’s father abandoned their family for reasons no one could ever confirm, as Galen never heard from him again.

As an orphan, Galen learned to be fiercely independent and uncomfortable with the ideas of relying on society too heavily. That’s why when, as a young adult working as an IT guy for a major corporation, he jumped at the opportunity his father mysteriously offered him shortly before his own death. Galen was being gifted a large piece of land in a town called Windenburg that his father had somehow come into possession of.

While Galen loves the outdoors, he was not expecting to give up his cushy and secure life to be living on the wildly overrun and completely undeveloped lot his father had left him. He became convinced that this was his father’s final act of betrayal.

Now, setting out anew, Galen looks to turn what he can only consider a cruel prank into a fresh start and to finally get what he truly desires out of life.

Legacy Founder

Goofball: These Sims tend to be playful

Unflirty: These Sims get Tense around Flirty Sims and seldom get Flirty themselves. It’s difficuly for them to be Romantic in public.

Loves Outdoors: These Sims can Enthuse about Nature to other Sims and become Happy when Outdoors.

Collector: Collectors can find rare collectibles more often!


  • Outdoor Enthusiast


  • Entertainment